What Is SEO And How It Works

What Is SEO And How It Works

Did not your blog continue to grow even after writing great content? Are you troubled by not getting traffic? If so, that means, you do not know what SEO is and how it works |

One thing I will tell you, without SEO, you will never be able to rank your blog.


Every search engine also has some algorithm and the blog that follows the algorithm, ranks on its 1st page. So you also go to these algorithm and according to your SEO of your blog. If you do not know about seo then

Do not be scared,

After all this post has fallen, all your duties will be cleared up ……

So let’s know what is SEO and why it is necessary …….

SEO is fullform – Search Engine Optimization  | As the name suggests, it is directly related to the search engine. Now whenever a user needs a solution to his problem, he searches his question on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. After which, some results are seen on the search engine, which are exactly suited to the user’s question.

Do you know how the search engine shows the perfect result?

There are very few people who know how search engines work and those who know this, they rank their blog / website very quickly.

So before understanding Search Engine Optimization, we should know about Search Engine … ..

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 What is the  search engine and how it works 

Search Engine is a program that has many algorithms. The search engine has a very large database, with the address of all the websites and blogs on the internet.

Work Process:  Whenever a user wants to go to a website or needs a solution to your questions, then search on the search engine. After that the search engines have algorithms, they work. These algorithm understand the user’s query and then analyze it. After that the result that matches the user’s query, the results are shown on the SERP ….

Now you must be wondering what is the SERP?

SERP is a fullform – Search Engine Result Page | When we search on a search engine, a page comes in front of us, which lists the blog and website, that page is called SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

On this page 10 results are performed and these results are shown with the help of search engine’s algorithm.

Search engine works in Part 3: –

1). Crawling  :   Search Engine has some programming code called Crawler. These crawlers are publishing on the internet, scanning all the blogs / websites and sending information to the search engine.

2). Indexing  :   The information on the far-reaching crawlers is indexed by the search engine in their database. This work also happens according to the algorithm. The website / blog that has high athurity, is indexed as soon as possible.

3). Ranking  :   This is the last step of the search engine. In this step, indexed information is ranked and this work is also done by the search engine’s algorithm (Programming Code). Every search engine has its own algorithm and content according to that algorithm, it ranks on 1st and one after the other.

Why are SEO essential?

Now I’m going to tell you why search engine optimization is so important and  why are we all running after it …

Before understanding the importance of SEO, we know about the results being shown on the search engine …

There are two types of listing shows on the results page of the search engine, which I mentioned below: –

  1. Inorganic  Listing 
  2. Organic Listing 

SERP listing

1) Inorganic Listing:  These are paid listings, which means if you have to show your blog on google, then you have to pay for it. Which is called PPC ( Pay Per Click  ) . Whenever a visitor clicks on your blog link in this listing, you have to pay money per click.

If you have any product, service or course that will earn more when you sell, then you can get traffic from PPC Advertisement on your website / blog

2) Organic Listing:  You do not have to pay any money in this listing. This listing contains lots of traffic which you can bring to your blog for free. But to include your blog / website in this listing, you have to follow the guidelines of search engine and make your blog / website as SEO friendly ….

In such a situation, if you want traffic free from the search engine, you need SEO very much. You should know how to make your blog SEO friendly?

What is SEO?

When any search engine does a blog ranking, then they match all those blogs and websites with their algorithm. Blog / website that is seo friendly, they are show on 1st page.

SEO – All the improvements we make in our blogs to make your blog SEO Friendly are called Search Engine Optimization. There are so many steps involved in this. Search engine optimization is further divided into 3 categories …

Types of Search Engine Optimization

types of search engine optimization

1). On-page seo :  Before publishing any post, the improvements we make in it are called on page seo. These are also the most important. The blogger did not rank on the search engine on his blog, and his blog never ranked on the search engine.

Onpage optimization is done by understanding the search engine’s algorithm, however these algorithms are kept secret, but as we practice, we are able to come to know about them.

That’s why I would also recommend you that you also keep changing your blog constantly and try to understand the algorithm as much as possible …

Examples of on page optimization :-

  • Post Title
  • Meta description
  • Focus Keyword
  • Website speed, Design & Structure
  • Internal & External Links
  • Use of Heading Tags
  • SEO friendly URL = short is better
  • Image old day
  • Keyword Research & density
  • Post length …..etc |

2). Off-Page SEO :  After publishing the blog, whatever works are done to improve its ranking, they are called off-page seo. Let me tell you one thing that off-page optimization is as important as on page optimization.

Most people pay close attention to on-page optimization but do not pay attention to off-page optimization, due to which they can not rank their post and if they do, then they do not maintain much of the rank. It is also important to do off-page seo … ..

Right below, I am pointing out the point which comes in off-page seo: –

  • High Quality Backlinks
  • Social Sharing
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Directory Submission
  • Participate in Q & A Sites
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Comment on other Blog
  • …..etc

3) Technical SEO:  To solve a technical error in any blog / website is called Technical SEO. I am giving a few examples below which will make it easier for you to understand technical seo.

Technical seo examples :-

  • Broken links
  • Hidden links
  • Improve Bad codes
  • Design responsive
  • Optimize Page Speed
  • Compress image & Video
  • Reduce Redirects
  • Optimize Robots.txt

Types of  SEO Techniques   

Now we talk about the techniques used by SEO and what are the advantages and disadvantages of which technology. The post is not big enough, so I tell you about these techniques in simple words …

There are 3 techniques of SEO: –

  1. White Hat 
  2. Black Hat 
  3. Grey Hat 

seo techniques infographic

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So Brothers, it was our post about SEO, in which you got to know that SEO Kya Hai and Kaise Kaam Karta Hai and if you want any help related to SEO, then comment below.

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