Complete Setup Of Yoast Plugin

Complete Setup Of Yoast Plugin

Complete Setup Of Yoast Plugin

Is not traffic on your website? Is not your website showing in search? And even after writing a great post, is not your website ranked yet? If you have the same question then you need Yoast SEO Plugin If you know the settings of the yoast seo plugin, then all these problems in your website will be solved and your website will rank fast in Google.

mostly people,

Create a WordPress website , but after installing the wordpress website it isnecessary to do so many mistakes in it. Such a big mistake they make in setting up Yoast seo. Yoast seo is the most important plugin for your website. If you make a slight mistake in setting this up, then your website can be a big loss.

Because yoast seo is yours,

The biggest factor for website ranking is. It gives information to tell Google about your every new post, whenever anyone searches for a topic on Google, Google uses this information to show data in search.

That’s why you do the settings of yoast seo carefully, any mistake can be heavy on your hard work. Follow all the settings described below:

Make sure the settings of the Yoast Seo plugin

Most importantly installing yoast seo, it is very easy for you to search for your website by going to Dashboard> Plugins> Add New and then typing Yoast seo in search.

install yoast seo plugin

Now you will first see the Yoast SEO plugin, you can install it. For this, you have to click Install Now  and then activate it by clicking Activate.

Yoast SEO Settings : yoast seo plugin settings

To open the settings of the plugin,  click on the SEO  option in the left side of the Dashboard .

General – Yoast SEO Settings

First of all we will do general settings. For this you click on the SEO in left side. Now yoast seo settings will be opened in front of you …

[1] Dashboard :-

yoast seo plugin dashboard


Here you will get a notification, Yoast Seo Plugin keeps checking your website and if there is any error in your website, yoast will show it here in the Dashboard. So you keep checking it out at all times.

[2] Features :-

Get started with the features of the yoast seo plugin

Detail of these settings: –

  1. SEO Analysis:  it  ON to, because when you post Likege shall Yoast seo plugin analysis for your website and will help to improve the Kmio your post.
  2. Readability analysis:   these settings to ON to, because it is you are to know will show who write posts. Is it the sum of the user’s fall or not?
  3. Cornerstone content:  It can help you mark Cornerstone on that post. Which is the best written and SEO optimized.
  4. Text link counter:  This will count the link to your post and tell you how many internal and external links are in your post.
  5. XML sitemaps:  keep it on because sitemap is needed for your website.
  6. Ryte integration:  Ryte is a website that will check your website and tell about the shortcomings in your website. But for that you have to login to that website.
  7. Admin bar menu: On going  it will start showing Yoast SEO plugin icon in the Admin Bar.
  8. Security: no advanced settings for authors:  keep it on. If you have more than one Auther on your website then they can not harm your website.

[3] Webmaster Tools Settings

In this setting, you can verify your website in different search engines. Whenever you submit your website to the webmaster, then you will get a code there, which you have to add here.

  1. Baidu verification code:   Here you specify the verification code for Baidu Search Engine.
  2. Bing verification code:  Here you put the verification code of Bing Search Engine
  3. Google verification code:    Here you put the verification code of Google search engine here.
  4. Yandex verification code:    Here you put verification code for Yandex search engine.

Search Appearance – Yoast SEO Settings

[1] General Settings :-

Make sure the settings of the Yoast Seo plugin

Title Separator:  This is a separator that divides your links into parts. You can select one of them according to your choice. The “>” separator has been used in the given pic below.How to do yoast seo plugin, yoast seo plugin title separator

Homepage :-

  • SEO title:  leave this field as default to you. But if you want to give the title of the homepage, then write the title of the website here.
  • Meta description:  Leave this box empty (empty).

Knowledge Graph :-

  • Company or person:  If only you are working on your website then person and if team is working together then select company
  • Company / Person name: If your company is selected, do not write your website’s name, then write your name.
  • Company logo:  Add logo to your website.

[2] Content Types 

yoast seo content type settings


Posts :- Settings for single Post URLs….

  • Show posts in search results? :  Will it to Yes, because this show in your post search from.
  • Date in Snippet Preview:  If you want to show the last date of the post in the search result, click on Show or click on Hide. The date cook will look like this.How to do yoast seo plugin, yoast seo plugin title separator
  • Yoast SEO Meta Box: Let  it be Show Only. From this you will be able to see the description of the post in the search.
  • SEO title & Meta description: Let  it keep you default. Because Yoast Seo Plugin already recommand settings.

Page : –

  • Show posts in search results? :  Yes it,
  • Date in Snippet Preview:  If you want to show date with Page in search result then click Show or click Hide.
  • Yoast SEO Meta Box: Let  it be Show Only. With this you will be able to view the description of Page in search.
  • SEO title & Meta description: Let  it keep you default

[3] Media

Get started with the plugin settings


Media & attachment URLs:  Do not call it, because if you do this, then there will be separate links for the image and video used at your post. Meaning for each image a new page will be created.

But if you  select it by Yes , whatever image will be in the search, yoast seo will redirect that image to the same page which will be attached to the page / post.

As: Whatever image we have in this post, if it is show in search then any user who clicks on that image will come to our post.

[4] Taxonomies

Click here to change the settings of the yoast seo plugin

Full details of settings ….

Category :-

  • Show Categories in search results:  If you want to show the category in search then yes or do not give it.
  • SEO title: Let  it keep you default only.
  • Meta description: Let  it remain the default too. Yoast seo plugin sets default to default description.
  • Yoast Meta Box:  If you want to show description of any category, click Show.

Tags :-

  • Show tags in search results: Do not let  it remain anyway, because if you index the tags in the search engine, then the number of URLs in the website sitemap will be very large. For this reason let it remain NO.
  • SEO title:  If you do not have any knowledge of coding, then you should let it remain the default.
  • Meta description:  Give it the default also.
  • Yoast Meta Box:  If you are not showing tags, then hide it too.

Formats :-

  • Format-based archives:  If you are posting multiple formats on the website such as video format, image, pdf and in the other format, then do not enable it then disable it. Yoast seo plugin sets the default format “standard” of your website.
  • SEO title: Leave  it the same way.
  • Meta description:  leave it blank too.

Category URLs:  If you open any website category, its url will be entered in the category. Such as: If you click on a category from our website’s menu, that category will open in front of you, and if you check the URL of that page, then you will see the category written in the URL.

Make sure the settings of the Yoast Seo plugin
If you want to delete the category word in the URL then click on Romove. But I will tell you that you select the Keep option only.

[5] Archives Settings

yoast seo plugin archives settings
Settings details :-
  • Author archives:  Enable this setting of Yoast Seo plugin only if your website is a membership, that means a lot of auther work on your website. So if a user wants to see all the posts written by an auther, then he can click on that auther to see. But if you work alone on your website, keep it disabled.
  • Date archives:  If you want Dekhana according to the date posted on the website not to Enable the Disable give.
  • Special Pages: Let  it remain the default You do not need to do anything here.

[6] Breadcrumbs settings
yoast seo breadcrumbs settings
Breadcrumbs:  breadcrumbs tells the user visiting your post that this post is said to be posted on your website. This works the navigation. Like: – You can see breadcrumbs on our post title …Make sure the settings of the yoast seo plugin, breadcrumbs
You set this setting according to your theme, because in many themes this option is already done. You do not need to enable this option then. Let it remain Disable only.

[7] RSS feed Settings

Make sure the settings of the Yoast Seo plugin

RSS Settings:  You do not even need to do it here .. But if you have knowledge of coding then you can set it according to the variables you have shown.

Search Console – Yoast SEO Settings

yoast seo plugin search console

Search Console:  Here you can connect yoast seo plugin with your Google Search Console, after which yoast seo collects information from the search console and gives you the warning of the error in Google console.

Get Google Authorization Code:  yoast seo needs a code to connect with google search console. You can get this code easily, for that you have to click Get Google Authorization Code, after which you have to select the Google Account and click on Allow, now you will get a code, copy it here Paste in the box .

Social – Yoast SEO Settings

[1] Accounts Settings

yoast seo plugin social settings

Your Social Profiles :-

  1. Submit your Facebook id or the page’s URL.
  2. Here you wrote Twitter ‘s only username. Like my twitter account URL is  . So here I will just type my username ” blogging_star “.
  3. Add a link to your instagram here .
  4. Add a link to your Linkedin account here .
  5. If you  have an account on MySpace , then give the URL.
  6. Add the URL of the Pinterest account.
  7. Add a link to your YouTube channel here.
  8. Add a link to Google + Page / Profile.

[2] Facebook Settings

yoast seo plugin facebook settings

Facebook Settings :- 

  • Add Open Graph meta data:   When you share a link to a post on facebook, you will see that the post and detail of the post starts showing, because of this option. Please enable it for this.
  • Facebook App ID: On  Facebook developer  ‘s website you can create an APP and add her ID here.

FrontPage Settings: –  Whenever you write your domain name on facebook , then you will have your website’s image, Tittle and Description Show. If you want to show there, then make these settings that are mentioned below.

  • Image URL:  Add an image to your website that will show when you type your domain name.
  • Title:  Give your website tittle which you want to view on facebook.
  • Description:  Write a description for your website that tells about your website.

Default settings:  If you have forgotten to add an image to your post, then add default image to it.

  • Image URL:  Where you add default image to your website.

[3] Twitter Settings

Make sure the settings of the Yoast Seo plugin

Twitter Settings : Enable करे.

  • Select the default card type to use:  Summary with large image. With this, whenever you share the post on twitter, the big image of the post will be shown and the detail of the post will also show.

[4] Pinterest Settings

yoast seo plugin pinterest settings

Pinterest confirmation: If you have already confirmed your website on social website like Pinterest, skip this option. But if your website is not confirmed then add your account code here with the help of yoast seo plugin.

[5] Google+ Settings 

Your settings will appear in Google + Settings.

Google+ Publisher Page:  To connect your google + page with yoast seo plugin, add a link to your page here.

Tools – Yoast SEO Settings

Tools - Yoast SEO plugin

Tools – Yoast SEO Settings :-

  • Import and Export:  If you want to save this whole settings then export it and when you change yoast seo settings due to any mistake, then import settings and reset it again.
  • File Editor: From  here you can edit .htaccess and Robots.txt files, you do not need to go to webhosting’s cpanel.
  • Bulk Editor: From  here you can easily edit the meta detail of any post and page.
  • Text Link Counter: With  this tool you can count your website link.

Note: In  this post , I have given you the settings as well as the details given to you in the yoast seo plugin, which you can know about the settings you are doing and what will it affect. The benefit of this whole detail will be that if there is a problem due to yoast seo plugin in your website, then you will know that the problem happened due to the settings …

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