Connect Your Domain To Godaddy Hosting

Connect Your Domain To Godaddy Hosting

Is not your website publishing even after buying domain and hosting? Not connecting with your domain name hosting? If you are facing similar problem, today it will be resolved. Today we will know that Domain ko Hosting se Kaise jode  ..

Godaddy Domain & Hostgator Hosting:  Well there are many companies that provide domain and hosting, but I would advise you not to take domains and hosting from any one company, because there are many companies [websites] Is famous for many companies and is famous for giving webhosting.

Website like Hostgator & Bluehost for Godaddy & Bigrock and Web Hosting for Domain Name in India is doing a great job. Today I will tell you how to add Godaddy Domain Name to Hostgator Webhosting.

In the last post, I told you how to buy web hosting. So today I will tell you how to connect hosting to the domain, their easy steps …


Hosting the Domain Name

To add domain to hosting, you must have these three things – Domain Name, Webhosting and Name Server The website that you buy web hosting, sends you an e-mail where you get the Domain Name Server [DNS] and all the information.

All you have to do is add the same Domain Name Server to the Domain Name Account …. Let’s see how

Follow these steps :-

  1. First of all, you login to the website from where your domain is purchased.domain hosting
  2. Now you go to profile and click on My Product.chnange domain name server
  3. Now you click the DNS (Domain Name Server).How to Find Name-Server for Hosting Account
  4. Now let’s check the e-mail your hosting provider has sent and copy it from one domain to another by tying Domain Name Server (DNS) one by to change DNS of godaddy
  5. Now, before changing the name server in the Godaddy account, select the Custom from the drop-down list and paste the name server one by one in the following option here.
  6. Now click on Save.
  7. So, the work is finished! Brother people Now you have connected the domain to Hosting.

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