How To Earn Money From Blog

How To Earn Money From Blog

Blogging is being done by a lot of people, but only few of them are such, who know how to earn millions of rupees from the blog. If you also want to know that Blog se Paise Kaise Kamaye ? So today’s posts are going to prove to you Game Changer .

mostly people,

Blogs are made for this because money is received from the blog and that is why they have heard from another blogger or seen in any video. But how to get money from Blog, knowledge is very low.

In the beginning, everyone knows that money in blogs is available with adsense, which are also right. Google adsense also helps you earn money in blogging.

But, if I tell you that there are ways to earn money from blogs, with the help of which you will soon become rich , will you believe it? Your answer will be … .. no !  

A common blogger does not know about all these ways and he keeps doing all the hardwork, but he does not earn enough to earn as much he should earn.

But, there are some bloggers who work less than you, but the money earns 10 times more than you.

Do you also want to know about those ways in which your earnings are also 10 times higher. If you have answers – yes .. then read this post carefully ….

Blog Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Before you make money from your blog, you create a blog which is most important, you will get full information on StarBlogging. If you want to earn huge income from blog then your blog should be something like this …

To make more money, the blog should be:

  • Blogs should be on a Niche (Topic) one.
  • The regular post should be on the blog.
  • Blogs should be SEO friendly
  • The speed of the blog should be fast
  • Content quality should be great on blog
  • The design of the blog should be such that the visitor likes it.

If you have all these qualities in your blog then you can earn a lot of money.

So let us know now, what are the ways in which with the help of which we can easily reduce more money than blogs …

Blog Se Paise Kamane Ke 5 Tarike

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Right below, I am telling you 5 ways to earn money from blogs. You can make your income 10 times larger than these tariko.

1)  Adsense ads 

Most bloggers are persistent on adsense for money. Adsense is a Google product. These are an advertisement platform, with the help of which ads are show on the blog. I have written a complete post in which I have mentioned that  Adsense is kya and how it works  . You may fall in this post.

Let me tell you about the adsense in short detail.

Adsense is an advertisement platform, which has large companies and asks to advertise its product, now Blogger has to add adsense to Adsenseand make Adsense Approval to earn money . When adsense is approved, adsense starts showing ads from that company on your blog.

Now whenever someone clicks on your company’s ads from the blog, then the company gives adsense money on that click, and adsense gives 68% of its money to the blogger and keeps 32% of the money.

Now more traffic is clicked on your blog, and your income begins to grow.

2) Affiliate Marketing

If you are in blogging then you must know about affiliate marketing. You can earn a lot of money by affiliating a blog. Bigger bloggers are earning more than 20 million paisa per month, with the highest earning from affiliate marketing.

Now let me tell you how affiliate marketing is doing.

If you are creating a blog on a topic, first look at the topic of which companies are selling the product in that topic. Like if your blog is on WordPress tutorials , then you can promote hosting, plugins and themes on your blog which are premium .

To the company when the user will promote the product and Madim your blog that the company’s product purchase, the company gives you  a commission  will pay | If you want to know about it in detail then tell me in the comment. I will publish a full guide post about it.

3)  Paid Promotion 

This is also a great way to earn money from blogs. You wrote great content from great and kept promoting it. When your blog gets hit and there is a lot of traffic coming to your blog,

Then you can make a Paid promotion on your blog , like if your blog is popular then you will have large companies and ask you to promote your product, in return you can get good money from them and their product Can promote.

It is not that you have big companies, but rather a blogger can give you money to promote your blog or take a backlink.

4) Product Or E-Book

It is not necessary that you only do blogging for sharing information. Rather, if you have a product like apps, plugin, tools or another product you want to sell then you can sell it online on your blog.

If you have a good information about a blog like niche , seo and digital marketing or an experience then you can write a book on it and also sell it through your blog.

Admit it like you do SEO so do a lot of knowledge of, you can write a book on SEO, you can type in MS Word and can sell your visitor |

5) Training and Course

This is a way to earn the most money that professional bloggers are using. If you have become an expert in any work, then you can start a related training or course of that work.

Because the traffic on your blog is already very high, in this way you can earn more money by running online training. Today bloggers who have been expert in blogging, they have started any training or course now and are earning more than 20 lakhs a month.


If you are also on blogging only on google ads, then you are missing out on making a lot of money. So you have to be active now and make a lot of money by making a blog on a niche.

If you have a problem with blogging or SEO, then Star Blogging is always with you. Whenever you want to ask your question in the comment. I will try to answer your every question.

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