10 Useful Things To Do After Installing WordPress

10 Useful Things To Do After Installing Wordpress

Do you have a new blogger? Do not you know that WordPres installed Karne Ke Baad Kya Kare? So today I will tell you 10 essential settings for setting up a website on WordPress. Most of the new bloggers who install wordpress are installed. But later they can not deside that should be done with the beginning now. If this is the same with you then …

no problem,

It happens with everyone, at the beginning! I had the same problem with me. That is why I thought of writing this post, so that you do not have any problems at the beginning, because if you make a mistake here, then you will get a lot of problems later .. SO this post is to be remembered …

Note:  This post has 10 settings, it is very important! These settings should be done in advance, otherwise you may have to repent later …


WordPres install Karne Ke Baad Kya Kare

In the previous article, I had told you  how to install WordPres,  if you did not get the article, then get it first … It comes after it has installed wordpress, but what to do next and start with said ?

Now I will tell you about 10 wordpress settings that you follow step by step: –


🙂 1. Add new User & Delete default user :-

Add new user:  First you add new user. Do not panic! The new user will be you, the purpose of adding a new user is to keep your username and password strong (impossible).

Having a strong, username and password, a hacker will not be able to hack your website, because if your password is easy, hacker usage will easily be guessed.

To add a new user go to DashBoard> Users> Add New and then fill your details and click Add New User … Detail

  • Username: Keeping  your username difficult, so that no one can guess. Never forget even admin administering the username, otherwise your website may be hacked.
  • Email:  Create a separate email for your website and fill that email here. These emails will help you reset your password.
  • First Name: Fill your first name.
  • Last Name: Fill  your last name.
  • Website:  Link to your website.
  • Password:  This is the most important part, the whole game of the website is the only password if the password is detected, then understand the game is complete. So, as much as you keep a strong password, the better it is, you can also generate password.
  • Send User Notification: Select  it,
  • Role : Administrator.

Delete default Users:  When we install wordpress, we create default user. We keep the username and password very easy on this user, so it should be deleted now.

delete default user

To delete, go to Dashboard> Users> All Users, now delete your default user.

 🙂 2. Delete defult Post and Page :-

Delete default Post:  When we install wordpress, the default post gets automatically created. It is important to delete this post because we do not need it, it is only for demo.

If we do not delete it, then after deleting it, the problem of 404 becomes a problem. To delete this, first click Dashboard> Post> All Post.

WordPres install Karne Ke Baad Kya Kare, iTsKs

Now ,

Select the default post and select Move to Trash from the drop down menu. Then click Apply . You can also delete it by clicking on Direct Trash .

Delete default Page:  Default page also becomes like post. This page is a sample page, which does not belong to us. So delete this as well.

  1. Go to Dashboard> Pages> All Pages  .
  2. Select default (sample) page.
  3. Click on Trash.


🙂 3.  Change the general w further  settings:

Now comes the General settings! These wordpress settings also need to be done. When you install wordpress in your hosting , you set the option to delete the website name, tagline and email as the default, so now it’s time to change them.


To change it , click on Dashboard> Settings> General . Now you have to pay attention to the following steps ….

  :   in the name of your website here.

Tagline: Write  a line for your website here, which shows the topic of your website.

WordPress Address (URL): Let   it keep you default.

Site Address (URL):  This is the domain of your website , let it remain the same, do not change any of the variations here, otherwise your website will not open.

Email Address: Please  fill in your email here as this email will get you notification of wordpress.

Membership: Leave it uncheck only.

New User Default Role:  Whenever someone logs in to your website, what should be the role of it, select from here. For the security of the website, please subscribe Never forget the Admin by forgetting it.

Site Language:  Select the language of your website.

Timezone:  Select the timezone of your location. You can select it by searching on google. But if you are in India then select UTC + 5: 30.

Date & Time Format:  Choose the format of the date and time.

Click on Save .

Note:  If you want to have all the settings of WordPress, then  WordPress Install Karne Ke Baad Settings by Kaise Kare [Step By Step].  I have given full information about WordPress Settings.

🙂 4. Change permalinks 

This setting of WordPress setup is very important for SEO of your website. Permalink is a link to your post like our post is parmalink – https://www.starblogging.com/wordpres-install-karne-ke-baad-kya-kare/ and its format is (domain name + Post name) .

what is parmalinks

Because ,

This format is seo friendly, so you can also choose your website’s parmalink Post Name  . Default is the format Day and Name , which is not right for seo.


🙂 5. SEO Plugin Install Kare :-

If you want to earn money by blogging, then it should be more web traffic for your site and for traffic your website should rank on Google, it is important to rank SEO Friendly Articles,


To Write SEO Friendly Articles You Need A Perfect SEO Plugin So you got it! What am i saying

2 best SEO Plugin for WordPress is  Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack . Both of these are being downlaoded most and the user rating of both of them is also great.

Which is better than that?

Well both are great, but if I want my opinion, then I would advise you to use Yoast SEO as it is a bit easier to use than All in One SEO Pack and its rating is also high.

However, you use both of yourself and see which is better for your website.


🙂 6. Install a Great Cache Plugin: –

A cache plugin is required to fasten the loading speed of your website, stores the Cache plugin website’s data in Browser.

Whenever a user re-opens your website, the cache plugin lets the website load the cache data directly from the browser. The less internet website gets loaded sooner.

Top cache plugins :-

W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache is a great plugin which provides the service of cache data for your website, it is also fast, and using it will not load much on your website, you will also find many features in it. Its rating is also quite good.

WP Super Cache:  It has developed wordpress’s company Automattic, the user rating of this plugin is great..This plugin has so far installed 2+ Million people on their website.

WP Fastest Cache:  The best user rating of this plugin is the best. It is growing fastest. The best thing about it is that it is easy to install and use it. Even if you have a technical knowledge, you can easily setup it. Its cache speed is very fast.


🙂 7. Secure Your Website: –

Website security is the most important part – any website, because more than 30,000 websites are being hacked every day. If you look at it, then,

Be careful,

Because you can always water on your hard work. For this, it is necessary that you have already secured your website … Right here I am telling you about some security plugin which is also good and free too …

Wordefence: Please install these plugins while installing  WordPress. This plugin is the most popular security plugin, with great features like firewall, malware scan, blocking and live traffic.

Bulletproof Security:  These plugins are also growing very fast, doing so have powerfull features like Malware Scanner, Firewall, Login Security, DB Backup and Anti-Spam.

iTheme Security:  This plugin is light weight, using it does load very low on the hosting server of your website. This is my all time favorite security plugin. It has great features like hide the login path and that too in the free version.


🙂 8. Also install these plugins: –

If you are creating a blog in wordpress then there is such a plugin, live you should install it. Every professional blogger already installs these plugins …

WordPress  Setup Plugin list :-

Akismet Anti-Spem:  These plugins already exist on your blog. This plugin protects your website from spam comments. It is developed by the company of the company Automattic itself.

Contact Form 7:  This plugin is used to create a contact form. This is very simple and easy to use. It has more than 1+ millons installed.

Updraft Plus:  This plugin is used to back up the website. The best thing about this plugin I found was that you can store your blog’s backup by uploading it to Google Drive, DropBox and many more online storage.

Smush:  These plugins are quite popular. This is compressing the images of the website, which reduces the size of the image and the loading speed of the website also fires.


🙂 9. install new Theme and delete Old one :-

First of all, you delete unused themes which you do not need and install new theme.WordPres install Karne Ke Baad Kya Kare

To install the new theme, go to the Dashboard> Appearance> Theme, now you can add Add New and install the theme and install it. Right below, I’m giving you a list of free and paid themes, which is a great theme …

Free WorPress Themes :-

  1. Schedule Lite
  2. Astra
  3. Hueman
  4. Colormag
  5. Socially Viral

Paid WordPress Themes :-

  1. Genius Framework
  2. Newspaper 9
  3. Open
  4. Two
  5. Publisher


🙂 10. Generate these pages: –

Now have your wordpress setup done. After this, you will have to create Kuj Important pages, which is very important for your users and to get Adsense Approval .


If someone visits your website then use know what website they are and what is the niche of this website and how it has worked …

Important Pages List :-

  • Home
  • Blog page
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Term & Conditions

So friends, this was WordPres install Karne Ke Baad Kya Kare’s Complete guide. I hope you have found complete information about setting up a WordPress blog. If you still have any questions then you can ask us to comment.

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