All About Google Adsense

All About Google Adsense

If you are a new blogger and have just started your blog, then you will have to question whether Google Adsense is there? If so, then you are on the right website, today in this post, I will give you full information about Adsense, also by step-by-step. You just completed the post.

As much as a blogger is required to know about Adsense, the same is essential for a Youtuber, as adsense is only a platform that gives you a platform to earn money online. Where YouTuber and Blogger can earn a lot of money.

But this is not so easy, for this you will have to work hard enough too. Some people believe that you can make a blog and earn from it but this is not the case. In blogging, you will have to get the help of Adsense to earn money.

So if you are coming to blogging then first of all know about Google’s adsense …

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a platform that helps you earn money online. Adsense is an advertising platform that has been created by Google. Its job is to see ads on your website. Which works automatically.

What are Adsense Ads


Whenever you open a website, you will see some of those text, images and videos that are away from the website, just as you look at our website, you will see similar ads in many places. (Advertising) We can apply with the help of adsense.

These advertisements will show you different times every time, because all the companies give adsense money, which adsense will see their ads. For this, adsense every time you see ads from different companies.

So let’s try to know about google adsense account … easy way ..!

Work Process:  So first of all we get involved in the process of cone-angle.

Many people are involved in this process

  1. Advertiser
  2. Publisher
  3. Advertisement Platform

We will know all these three in detail: –

Advertiser:  These are people who give money to show ads on their website or Bussiness, just like you have started some work, and you want to tell more people about it, Have to do For which, you have to pay a company, which will advertise your bussiness. So here you will be called Advertiser.

Publisher:  Publisher are those who bring information to the logo. As you are a blogger, you publish content (blog) to reach any information, whether it’s text, image or video. So here you will be called Publisher.

Advertisement Platform:   Advertisement Platform is a type of companies in which an advertiser  reaches far more people than advertising – such as Google Ads (Adwords) and Adsense |

Google Adsense Kaise Kaam Karta Hai?

Google Adsense is a type of advertising platform that shows ads and takes money from this advertiser. So now you must have the question in your mind why do advertisers do not do the job of watching the ads themselves? So the answer is that if the advertiser  does the job of looking at the ad itself, the expenditure will be multiplied … like: –

Example: Let’s say I have written a book and want to tell more and more people about it that they buy your book. For this, you will have to go to the big cities and promote it, which will increase your discussion very much. In such a situation, you will talk to the company with links to big cities, they will take less money from you and advertise your book in large cities. By which you will be able to tell more people about your book in less money.

Google Adsense is the only job to advertise. Like other advertising platform companies, they are working to connect the user with their money in the past, when they are added to the number of crores, they start taking money to do advertisements.

Now Google has the highest user, so Google Adsense is called the biggest advertising platform.


Why and How Does Google Adsense Pay?

Now it comes to the fact  that how does Google reach out to these advertisements as much as possible? So Google’s best way to get it is adsense. Because we search on Google to gain any information and either have a blog post or watch the video for information.

Google took the biggest step and favored adding all the Bloggers and YouTubers. There was a big problem with Google now that no blogger saw their ads on their blog. So it’s also Google that has solved all the other advertising platform …

Google Adsense has allowed bloggers and YouTubers to participate. Just like if a company gives 10 rupees to an ad to Google, then Google Bloggers / YouTuber gives 55% -60% of the advertisements to Jani 5-6, but these ads will have to be viewed on Blogger at their website.

But you get the money when a user clicks on the ads, as if you are seeing ads on this website, as soon as you click on this advertisement, you will see that a new window will open, Will take you to the website.

Now every blogger is turning to Google Adsense to make money online. That’s why Google Adsense is becoming the most popular.

If you also want to reduce money from adsense, then your website’s domain must be linked to Google Adsense Account . For this, you may be posting Google Adsense Sign up in StarBlogging.

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