How To Connect Your Domain To Hostgator Hosting

How To Connect Your Domain To Hostgator Hosting

In our article in today’s article, you will learn that  if you are a new bloggerin Hostgator,  this post is for you only because I will tell you a step by step in a very simple way, just keep in mind that any step is missed. Do not, otherwise you may have to face many errors later.

Plz Note:  Before installing the WrodPress blog you must connect your hosting with your Domain Name, it is very important. If you do not want to add domain to hosting, then you need to get our previous article.

After that you will be able to install WordPress. I am giving you the following links to these articles, you will get it once that you have no doubt:

If you have all set up then now we will further increase the NEXT step: –

You also try this step together 


Hostgator Hosting me wordpress to install: –

step 1  🙂   First of all, open the cpanel of your hosting, write cpanel with / to your domain to open cpanel, like “”.

open cpanel


After this you have to enter cpanel’s username and password, these username and password


The hosting will be sent through an email. You have to fill the same username and password.


step2🙂   Now the hostgator’s cpanel will be open, you have to scroll down until the Softaculous App Installer is available.install wordpress

Now in this box you click on WordPress, after clicking, the option to install will come here.


step 3🙂   Now a page will open in front of you, here you have to fill up your website’s complete information. This step is most important and you should not make any mistake while filling it. I gave full details of how to fill the feild, that should be done exactly like that.

how to install wordpress


Software Setup :-

1). Choose Protocol:  Here you select the protocol for your website, you will see 4 options here, from which you have to select one.

  • http://
  • http://www
  • https://
  • https://www

If you have obtained SSL certificate with your hosting plan, then you select https: // or https: // www, then select http: // or http: // www. Whatever option you choose, it will be shown next to your domain such as: – or or


2). Select domain : In  this field, you select your domain, the domain on which you want to create your website. By the way, this option is automatically filled.

3). In Directory: here it is already written WP, you can remove it. Keep in mind here, you do not have to fill anything, just stay away from it.

Site Settings :-

1). Site Name: Fill your website name here.

2). Site Description:  Write about your website here, on which topic is your website.

3). Enable Multisite (WPMU): Let  it remain unchecked.


Admin Account :-  

This is the most important part, whenever you open the WordPress Dashboard on your website, you will need Admin username and password.


2). Admin Password:  Admin Password You can keep as strong as you can, and you can also generate password.

3). Admin Email: Email your email here, this email will help you reset paasword.


step 4🙂   After this, let all the other options remain the same and that is exactly the optionof “ Email installation details to” in the last, where you filled your email, on which you want to get the notification of wordpress.

Step 5🙂 Click install on the lastand wait 2-3 minutes. Now you will see wordpress installed.

Now when you search your domain, you will see that your website will be opened. If you search the WordPress Dashboard by opening it with your domain / wp-admin, then the login box will open in front of you, here you fill out the Admin Username and Password and login. You will see that wordpress will be in front of you.

All Done

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