How To Do Blogging

How To Do Blogging

So friends, if you have made up your mind, that blogging Kaise Kare ? So I will tell you this that you have taken the best of your life.

Because only the number of Internet users in India is 370 million (37 crore) and in the coming few hundred, this number will be more than 500 million (500 million).

So, this is the right thing that you too start earning money by starting your career online now, because the people are coming for the Diagital World ….

If I talk about making money online then …

One of the most popular ways to earn money online – Blogging  !

You will not believe that today people are blogging like a bussiness. If India is to be talked about, today  the bloggers of India like Harsh Agarwal , Amit Agarwal , Kulwant Negi   and  Ankit Sngla earn 20 to 25 lakh rupees per month from their blogs .

You can also earn …

Yes, you can earn a lot of money from blogging, but you have to be serious about it, have to do hard work and keep up the complete information on blogging.

But, do not panic …

These are so many times easier and better than doing any job and money is too many times more than any job.

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How to learn blogging?

Now you must be thinking that I do not have any knowledge of blogging, so how can I  earn money ? In  view of this, the StarBlogging website has been created so that you can be given the complete and accurate information of blogging in Hindi language.

Together we have also created a facebook group that can be immediately assisted by new bloggers. If you use facebook, you can also join our group.


If you want to learn blogging with heart, then post this post carefully, otherwise you can close the post now, because blogging is for hardworking people.

So let us now know what blogging is and how to start blogging ….

Blogging Kya Hai ( What is blogging in Hindi )

Before knowing blogging, you should know what the meaning of blogging is. For this, I have written a post, which I am linking to you.

In this post, what are my bloggers, blogging, blog and blog post? Are described in full detail. Most bloggers start blogging, but its meaning is very few people know.

You are not even among those people? : p

So let’s go ahead to the beginning of blogging …… ..

 Blogging Kaise Kare ( 7 Steps ) 

To explain to you how to start blogging, I divide the blogging into 7 steps, which we will know by step by step. It is important to follow every step carefully, only then will you understand blogging easily and correctly …

Step 1) Blogging Kis Topic Par Kare ? 

Now the first question is, what topic should blog be made or what should be the niche of the blog? Most bloggers here make mistakes. He chooses a topic which is not right for him, nor is there any benefit of that topic.

Below I’m telling you that

How to choose the best topic for yourself …

  1. Interest: First of all you see your interest that what you like. Like if you like going to jym, you can make a blog of health or jym exercise related to your blog.
  2. Habit & Knowledge: If  you use more of your mobile or computer then it is a common thing that you will get mobile or computer information too. In this case, you can also create blogs related to it, in which you can share information about mobile and computer.
  3.  Passion:  It is good for you to make a blog on the subject that you are passionate about, the work you can wear without tired and the topic you prefer to talk to others …

I hope you have understood what I am trying to say, because it is in your hands that you have to decide which topic you want to make a blog.

So let’s move on to the next step … ..

Step 2) Which Blogging Platform Choices?

After selecting the topic once in Blogging Kaise Kare, our next work is to choose a great blogging platform. The most important of any blogger is the blogging platform, here it creates its blog.

So first let’s get a little bit about the blogging platform …

Blogging Platform:  What happened earlier was that whenever anyone had to make a website, he had to learn many coding languages, which was a very difficult task. But, it is a matter of happiness that now such tools have come. In which we can make any website in 20 minutes, without any coding knowledge. Such software tools are called blogging platforms.

Basically there are two types of blogging platforms one Hosted and the otherself-Hosted  . We know it in a simple way …


  1. Hosted blogs we can create in free.
  2. Features are very short.
  3. Our control on blogs is very low.
  4. Themes are in very limited limits.
  5. Have to use extention with the domain.
  6. Platform Examples :, Blogger/, etc


  1. To make self-hosted blogs, you have to invest some money.
  2. There is no lack of feature
  3. We have complete control over the blog.
  4. Here are the unlimited themes found.
  5. Can use domain itself.
  6. Platform Example :

I recommend

Of all the blogs / websites today, 39% of them are made on WordPress only. These blogging platforms are being used most because you find many options in them. Keep in mind, here I am referring to instead of

And one thing I want to tell you is that whatever blogging platform you use, you will have to come on wordpress one or two days.

That’s why if you want to be a career in blogging, then I would  recommend .

But if you are a student and want to learn blogging, then you can use another blogging platform like Blogger, Wix and

So let us now know about the next step ….

Step 3) Choose  a Great Domain Name 

You must now choose a domain name to create a blog. If you do not know about Domain, then you have  to pay attention to what our Post  Domain name is . In this you will find all the information about the domain.

If I tell you in short, the domain is the address of any website, such as our website’s domain – |

Keeping the following points in mind while taking the domain ….

  • Domain purchases that are easy to remember.
  • Domain is similar to your Niche (topic) or unique, which nobody has used.
  • Do not use a number or symbol in the domain like
  • The domain should have a keyword.
  • Always try to buy .com domain alone.
  • Do not fall into the free domain.

So now let us talk about buying from the domain name,

One thing to my mind is that always take the domain from the trusted website and check the rating of the website from which domain is taking …

If India speaks of the most famous company in India, the domain that provides is –  Godaddy 

The above written a complete post, which will have to know that  Godaddy Domain Se Kaise Kharide K

Do not make any mistake when buying a domain … ..

So let’s know next step ……

Step 4) Buying a Great Hosting?

When starting blogging, the most important part is getting hosting. This is the point where bloggers are the most confused.

Because ,

New bloggers can not afford to know which hosting or hosting plan is right for their website, and they can not even decide which website to get hosted.


If traffic to your website is low, then you should pay less for hosting or even hosting from a trusted website.

If you are not able to do this, then get the post given below ….

Top 3 Trusted Hosting Providers with Discount :-

All the above mentioned hosting are good and are also trusted. I have tried to give you maximum discount, you can see the offer by clicking on all three and you get a great offer, you can buy a hosting from there ….

Step 5) Blog Ki Setting Kaise Kare

The next step in blogging is to make a complete setting of Blog, but before that you have to do some settings like: –

  1. How do I add domains to hosting?
  2. How to install WordPress into Hosting?

After doing these settings, WordPress will be fully installed.

Now you set up your blog, because it is very important to do some settings before publishing the post in the blog. There are complete settings for wordpress basic and blogs.

If you do not know about these settings, then I would say that they will not try to do it yourself and get information about them first …

The most problem comes due to the problem of the new blogger and some bloggers also leave blogging in the same …

But do not panic,

I am giving two links below, which will help you to step by step these settings …

  1. What to do after installing WordPress? – Very Important
  2. How to make basic WordPress settings?

So let’s move on to the next step and … ..

Step 6) Design Your Blog

While beginning the blogging, we have to focus on one point and it is the design of the blog. Yes, design, because the design of your blog leaves its first impression on the user.

Let me tell you,

38% of people close your website for this reason, because the design of your website is not attractive ..!
Yes, this is absolutely right, because if your blog’s design is not good, then the user will not even be interested in your blog post. Regardless of how much good content you have written.
As we go to an event, then we first get the people who get the same, we first judge them with their clothes, which of them are successful or rich. Just like that, the user also first judges your blog with its design.
If your blog is not good at watching then someone will not even like to follow it. That’s why you also design your blog well.
Now you should be wondering how to make blog attractive?
So here’s a great news for you. In WordPress, you can easily make your blog a good looking blog without any coding.
In WordPress, you get a lot of free themes, which you can use to design blogs with great design.
But,   if you do not want to use the theme in wordpress then the following post must be: –

In this post you have to install a theme as well as to explain which theme you should install and together with the names of the top 5 free and paid themes you can use for your blog. |

If you understand these steps well at the beginning of blogging, then your blog will be completely ready for publishing and earning money ..

So let’s go to the last step and move ….

Step 7) Publish Your Blog Post & Earn Money

This is the last step our step by step post is blogging Ki Shuruaat kaise kare and after that starts your blogging career. The more you work, the more you earn, the more you earn.


 Now let us know how to earn money by connecting with Google?

How do I connect a blog to Google?

To connect your blog with Google, you need to connect your blog to Google Search Console … for which you got the post below!

  1. How to submit a blog to the search console
  2. What is a Sitemap and how to submit a Sitemap to Search Console 
  3. How to add a Google Analytics account to a blog 

These three posts are very important …

How to earn money from Blog?

To earn money from a blog, first you have to create an account on Google Adsense and then connect the blog to Adsense. When your Adsense account is approved, your blog will start earning.

Full information about Adsense ….

  1. How to create a Google Adsense account?
  2. How to Approve Adsense for Your Blog Quickly [13 Hours]

5 Ways to Make Money From Blogs?

Many bloggers today are only dependent on Adsense to earn money, because they do not know about all the ways of making money from blogging.

Well there are several ways to earn money from blogs but I’m going to tell you about the top 5 methods: –

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Paid Promotion
  3. Product या E-Book Selling
  4. Google Adsense Ads
  5. Online Training या Course

If you want to know about these approaches in full detail, then post it below.

How to become a successful blogger in blogging? ( SBT formula )

Do you know

Only 13% are bloggers who can earn more than $ 1000 / month in their blogging career.

And that too, because they know all the information about blogging and the right techniques .

For this, today I’ve come to giving a formula for you called SBT  Formula | There are those 8 techniques that you will never fail in blogging by following.

Follow this formula… 

what is sbt formula

If you are writing a blogging post too, then you can put this infographic in your post …

In order to show SBT infographic in my blog post, I am giving you a code, which I want to put in my post, put this formula here …

Do not panic, you will not get any copyright strike

Copy this code….

</strong><br /><br /><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’SBT formula kya hai , Star Blogging Techniques’ width=’800px’ border=’0′ /></a></p>
Warning : Don’t edit this code

Conclusion :-

 If you follow all the techniques mentioned in this formula, then you are sure to get success in blogging ….

But most bloggers do not pay attention to these things, and eventually they make up their mind to leave blogging.

But you do not have to …

I do not want you to start blogging without knowing anything like the other bloggers and spoil your most precious group like this. In view of this, I wrote this post by step by step, that any brother who has never failed in blogging and can get the result of his hard work🙂 

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