How To Get Adsense Approval [ In Easy Way ]

How To Get Adsense Approval [ In Easy Way ]

Have not you received the approval of adsense yet? Is your adsense account being rejected repeatedly? Do you want adsense approval within 2 days? So follow this post “Google Adsense Account Approach Kaise Karaye” and follow all the steps given. You can also get approval in 13 hours like me. And if you follow the rules of Adsense, you can approve it even more quickly.

first of all,

Vaam vs Truth:  Many other bloggers are spoiling your community by telling you these things, that you write more than 20 posts, post 2000 should be word, 500-2000 daily page view on your blog, use premium theme Then you will get the approval soon.


These statements do not have the full truth as most bloggers are posting each other posting their posts. I also posted a lot of posts before applying Adsense, all of which were the same,


I could not wait to write so many posts, because writing a post of 2000 words is not so easy for new bloggers, and every post of 2000 does not even matter. That is why I first read and understood Adsense’s guidelines .


You will not believe I wrote only 7 posts on my first website siraanews.comand all were written between 300 and 700 words. After which I applied for adsense. I applied in the evening and the next morning when I saw an adsense account it was activate.

Note:  But you must first create an account on adsense. At the time of making an account and putting adsense code in our website, most of the time, we make many minor mistakes, due to which our website can not get approval. So you need to create an Adsense Account  and see if you have created the account in the right way.

My 2 experimants:  Google Adsense Account Approve Kaise Karaye

To approve Adsesne I did two experimants of my two websites,

My first experiment ( experiment ) was correct, where I had approved adsense in a short post. After this I did another experiment, where I used the premium theme. But just wrote 3 posts, and applied for adsense.

After waiting for 3 days, adsense came to the notice that they had disapproved the account. After this I made my website user friendly and published 7 posts and applied again. This time I got approval sooner than before.

Now I knew about the need for adsense. What I teach from my experience, I am going to share with you, so that you can also give accurate and accurate information.

So, let’s know, how to approve Google Adsense Account …

Google Adsense Account Approve Kaise Karaye

You may not know that Google Adsense gives the user friendly website quickly, then I will tell you some improvement tips from which you can make your website user friendly. Let’s know about these tips …

[1] What should be the design of the website?

First of all, if you want to apply Adsense for your website, then you have to pay attention to the design of your website. If your website’s Design is not user friendly then you will not get the approval.

Therefore, the design of your website should be simple and clear. Here, simple and clear means a design that is easily understood by the user.

Is there a navigation menu

Example:  As you can see on our website, if you want to go to any category and page (About us, Contact us), then you are given the menu. You can easily go to any page like this.

[2] Make this Page Sure 

One thing must be kept in mind that Google keeps its user’s full attention, so if you take care of the user, Google will also take care of you. It is therefore necessary to create a trust of the user.

For this reason the user should know that the website that he is visiting, how does he work? What is the mission of that website? What is the topic? What information is collecting? And how to contact him?


You will have to create Privacy Policy , Disclaimer , About us and Contact uspages. This will keep the user going to know everything about your website. Any expert Blogger takes full care of these addresses.

[3] How many posts should you write?

Now comes the post, how many posts should be, related to this, there have been so many inconsistencies that more than 20 posts written, 2000 words written in the post. But this is not so,


The more you get the benefits of Adsense Approval, the more you have Google, because Google gives you 68% of Adsense earnings and the other keeps itself, it is not that adsense is not with adsense revenue share

How many posts,

Now talk about the post, the more pages you have created on your website, the post should be more than that. As 6 pages have been maintained on my website, I wrote 7 posts and applied for Adsense Approval and received approval from both websites (SiraaNews and StarBlogging ) 24 hours earlier. After which I had already known that Google Adsense Account Approve Kaise Karaye K

[4] What should be the traffic?

It is very important to pay attention to this because Adsense himself has also said that on the blog you want to get an Approval of Adsense it is necessary to have Ragular Traffic but it is not that 2000-3000 Pageview / Day. Then you will get Google Adsense Approval.


You must have at least 300-400 Pageview per Day, for this you create an account on social media like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Reddit and Linked In and share all your posts on it.

Apart from this, you can join more groups on Whatsapp and share your post. By doing this you will get good page views for several days, which will be enough to get you  google adsense approval .

[5] Google Adsense Should Approval, So Do not Stop It 

If you want approval from Google Adsense, then there are some things to keep away from your website. If Google felt that you are using some material in your website that is not right for the user, you will never get the approval. like …..


If you are using some content on your website that promotes direct pornography, then Google will never allow you to install ads. So do not use any image, video and audio which are related to porn (18+).

Subscriber Form and Social Share

New bloggers create websites by looking at someone else’s website, due to which they already put Subscriber Form and Social Counter width in their website, which is not correct according to adsense.


Google wants you to share Usefull information with the user, but in the beginning we start collecting subscriber and social follower. That’s why we did not get Google Adsense Approval. I mean to say that in the beginning you only show the page and the post on the website. Later you can put these width in your website.

Third Party Script

This is also a big reason why not get approval. If you are going to apply for Adsense, then do not use any third party script like Amazon, Flipkart, Affiliate links and other Third Party Ads.

Because ,

These slow down the speed of your website’s user interface and website too much, which makes it very late for Adsense to be approved and many times your website is rejection too.

It is not too difficult to get Approval from Adsense, if you apply all these things in mind … I hope you know that Google Adsense Account Approve Kaise Karaye … Now you can ask someone about Adsense It will not be needed … .and this is the mission of our website.

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