How To Submit Your Blog In Google Search Console

How To Submit Your Blog In Google Serch Console

Today’s Post WordPress  Blog Ko Google Search Console me Kaise Submit Kare  is for all bloggers who have just started their career in blogging. You may know, after creating a blog, the most important thing is to submit it to a large search engine like Google, because today the highest search is on Google, and most of the traffic is also available to Google.

one more thing,

Most bloggers think that if their posts were ranked first on Google, their work was completed. But that’s not all at all. Today Google has become very smart. If there is a slight error in your post, Google gets to know immediately and if you do not solve the error  quickly Google gradually drops down the post.

It is important that,

You keep on detecting your error and keep on resolving them quickly, otherwise forget the ranking of blogs. Now Google has been advancing in technology.

Don’t worry,

Now you must be thinking that I do not have any knowledge of coding, then how can these errors be detected? So nervous not Google said it has given itself a good solution before and he – Google Search Console K So let’s go ahead about it ….

What is Google Search Console?

Search Console is a free tool that lets you check the status and activity of your website. Google provides this tool and you can use it without any cost. The name of this tool was first Google webmaster tools, but it was renamed Google Search Console in 2015.

This tool is like a dashboard, where you get all the information about the blog. Whenever there is a problem in your website or a related issue of Sitemap , then the search console gives you a notification, which you can see in the Dashboard. All you have to do is connect your blog to one time, which I will tell you in the last, but before knowing this, what are the advantages of this tool.

What’s the problem with Google Search Console?

These tools have a rather noteworthy feature. It is difficult to tell all these detail in this post but if you want to know all the features of the search console in Deatil, then comment below. I will provide you a post on it … ..

Benefits of Google Search Console :-

  1. With this help we can connect blogs to Google.
  2. We only know what the error in Sitemap is in the search console.
  3. We can index our post also mannualy.
  4. Check the mobile usabilty of the blog.
  5. Can see backlinks of our website.
  6. Check the structure of the blog.
  7. Which of our posts are ranked on which keyword, they can also see here.
  8. Crawl can check the error.
  9. You can target different countries for blog audience.
  10. You can also block any post on the blog.

There are many more features which are giving this tool free …

How do I submit a blog to Google Search Console?

If your blog is on WordPress, today I will tell you the easiest way to add blog to google search console. You follow the following steps carefully …

  • First go to WordPress> Dashboard> SEO> General .
  • Then go to Webmaster Tools .Submit a Google Search Console to me
  • Now you can click on Google Search Console , this link will appear in front of Google verification code.
  • Now the new page will be open and you will be asked about the gmail account here. Here you can select your own gmail that is connected to your website.
  • Now first  select ” Alternative Method ” & HTML tag .google verficiation code yoast seo
  • Copy the code. Copy the code in mind but verify it search console code
  • In the Yoast SEO , paste the code in front of the Google veriification code.
  • Now click on Save submit code verify
  • Now click on Verify.

Note   : – Save the focus code after paste in Yoast seo and then go to the verify button. Then your website will be verified otherwise the error will show.

  • Now a box will open in front of you.webmaster tools add property
  • Here you fill in your website’s Domain Name (URL). And then click on ADD Property.
  • Congrats: You’ve submitted your blog / website to Google Search Console .

Your Google Search Console will be something like this, here you can check your blog’s related error and notification.

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