How To Submit Your Website Sitemap In Google

How To Submit Your Website Sitemap In Google

Do you know how Google knows about your website? And do you know how the exact website ranks in the Search website from the crore of websites? If you do not know today’s post carefully. If you are a blogger, then today I am going to talk on the most important topic. Today I will talk, sitemap kya hai and how to make it and also tell you how to submit sitemap to google.

The most important for your website is the sitemap Many times it has been seen that bloggers publish new posts but they do not show in Google, and many people do not have the entire website show in the search.

So brother,

This happens because you can not tell Google to publish any of your posts, unless you tell Google how to find out. That is why it is very important for Google and other search engines to add Sitemaps to Google to provide information about your website.

Right below, I’m telling you about the sitemap, to understand it carefully …

What is a Sitemap (  Sitemap  )

Sitemap is an XML file, which lists all the pages and posts on your website. Google first takes this list to see any of your posts in search. With the help of this list, the search engine makes it easy to find any post on your website.

Like any book, at the beginning of the book there is an index page, which lists all the chepters (text / story) of the book, and also along with which page is on which chepter. If I tell you that you fall in the book Shaheed Bhagat Singh chepter. So you have 2 ways to find that chepter ..

One, you will start seeing the entire book to fall on that chepter and will spoil enough of it to find this chepter. Otherwise you will use the second method, you will go to the index page and see what page the chepter is and then go to that page and begin to fall on the chepter. With which you will also feel less .. Just like XML Sitemap, Google also makes it easy to search every single post.

I hope you have come to know that Sitemap Kya Hai …. So let us now understand the work of sitemap ….

How does Sitemap work?

Now it comes to how it works, so its name is Site + Map, the website map (map). This job is exactly like a map. Sitemap contains the address of every page, category, tag, video, image and post you have.

Let me tell you,

Only the link of every post / page of your website in the search engine is saved, not all your website. Your website or its data is saved in your hosting server. Google only has an address (index) index. Only then, when your hosting server is down, your website also stops.

Work Process:  When we create a blog and add pages, categories, tags and posts to it, then by adding all those addresses (links) into an XML file, submit them to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. .

With this, whenever a user searches for any data, then this search engine lets sit through the sitemap show all the posts in the search which the user needs. And this work happens in less than seconds.

What will happen if there is no sitemap 

If someone tells you that you bring a student named Rohan from this college, can you find the right Rohan? Your answer will be that there will be many students named Rohan … but if someone says that this college student Rohan BCA 2nd year, roll no. If you come up with 56 then you will get it fast.

If you do not have the same Sitemap, then finding the right post for google will be the equivalent. The sitemap will have the correct address as you can check the sitemap of my website. You will know yourself.

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How to create a Sitemap 

Now you should be thinking that if we do not have any information about coding then how can this sitemap banaye? But this is very easy in today’s time. You can easily do it with the help of any sitemap generator. There are several websites in the market that make a sitemap free.


If you are creating blog on wordpress then making a sitemap is even easier for you. Yoast is a plugin named SEO in WordPress , which allows you to do just one click.

what is xml sitemap

How to create sitemaps with the help of Yoast SEO: –

  • Go to Dashboard>SEO>General>Features 
  • You will no longer XML Sitemaps option Enable ( On giving).
  • Your sitemap has now been created.
  • Click on the  ( ? ) Icon created with XML Sitemaps
  • Click on the XML sitemap  to see your sitemap .

what is sitemap in hindi

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How to submit a Sitemap to Google ?

Submitting Sitemaps to Google is very easy. You  will need to login to Google Search Console for this. Login with the same account that your website add is in the account. If you did not add the website to the search console, you may get its related posts.

To submit a Sitemap, follow the steps given below: –

  1. Login to Search Console
  2. Now click on the Crewl option in the left-side .
  3. Now click on the sitemaps.
  4. Now click on the ADD / TEST SITEMAP  right-top corner .submit the XML Sitemap
  5. Now you paste your sitemap link.
  6. Click Submit .

Congratulations have submitted your sitemap, Google will crewl the sitemap and will gradually start indexing all Linux.

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Sitemaps के different Types

There are several types of Sitemaps. Separate sitemaps are submitted to index different things. See their types and their work below: –

  • Post-Sitemap:  To index the post
  • Page-Sitemap:  To index the website page
  • Category-Sitemap:  To index the category
  • Tag-Sitemap:  to index tags
  • Media-Attachments:  To Index Image and Video


Now you may know why it is important to submit a sitemap to view your website in the search engine. Now, in the mind of some people, there will also be a question about which sitemap or link should be submitted? So here I will tell you that if you are creating a blog, then you can submit a sitemap with Post and Page only to Google.


The more links you will index. The chance of getting the same error is also increased. So try to index links at least and usefull information.

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