What To Do After Installing WordPress

What To Do After Installing Wordpress

So friends, if you have just installed WordPress, then you will have the same question in your mind that install Karne Ke Baad Kya Kare? Then you have taken this post very carefully today and who has told in this post. You have to do the same. It’s important to have WordPress Basic Settings already, otherwise you will have to face such an error, which will be very difficult to solve.

urgent matter –

If you are a new blogger and have never used your wordpress before, I would recommend that you follow a website by step-by-step. Because different bloggers give you information on your own website. In such a situation, when we follow different websites, we become confused and sit down erroneously.

So, I’m going to tell you step by step about wordpress settings: –

Firstly do the WordPress Basic Settings: –

In this post we will perform basic settings such as General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks & Privacy settings.

These settings will be step-by-step – you also try together: –


Step 1 🙂 General Settings :-

First, click on the settings and then click on General. Now you will open many options in front of you, fill it with meditation.

wordpress setting


  :  in the name of your website here.

Tagline: Write a line for your website here, which shows the topic of your website.

WordPress Address (URL): It will be written already, let it remain the same.

Site Address (URL): This is your website’s Url address , which you can use to open the website, let it remain the same, do not change any of the changes here, your website will not open.

Email Address: Please fill in your email here, on this email you will get notification of wordpress.

Membership: Select it only if you have more members on your website.

New User Default Role: Whenever someone logs in to your website, what should be the role of it, select it here. For the security of the website, please subscribe Never forget the Admin by forgetting it.

Site Language: Select the language of your website here.

Timezone: Select the timezone of your location. You can select it by searching on google. But if you are in India then select UTC + 5: 30.

Date & Time Format: You can select it according to your own.

Click on Save .


Step 2 🙂 Writing Settings :-

Default Post Category:  When you type a new post, its category will automatically be selected. Where is the default category where you can select from.

Default Post Format: Select it from the Standard.

After this you click on Save and do not change anything.


Step 3 🙂 Reading Settings :-

Your homepage displays: If you have created your home page and blog page then you can select static and select Blog page on Home and Posts Page at HomePage.

Blog pages show at most: You can select how many posts you want to show on your blog page. At the end of the example, youcan seeour blog page.

Syndication feeds show the most recent: Here you can select from your own choice.

For each article in a feed, show : Select Full Text here.

Search Engine Visibility: Do not select it by mistake, otherwise your post will not show in Google. Leave it uncheck.

Click on Save .


Step 4 🙂 Discussion Settings :-

Default article settings:  Here you check ”   ” and uncheck the rest.

Other comment settings: Here you check “  ”  and uncheck the rest.

Email me whenever: Check both options here only.

Before a comment appears: Select both options here too.

And make any setting and click on Save .


Step 5 🙂 Media  Settings :-

Thumbnail size : Width = 0; Height= 0;

Medium size : MaxWidth =0 ; MaxHeight= 0;

Large size : MaxWidth = 0; MaxHeight= 0;

Uploading Files: Check it.

Save Change

Step 6 🙂 Permalinks  Settings :-

Setting up this WordPress key setting is very important. Permalink is the URL of your post. Permalink correct format is essential for the SEO of your website, if you choose the wrong parmalink format like (https://www.starblogging.com/?p=fgts111425) to your website by Google Friendly User Url Structure not Believe it

For this reason, the link is as easy as possible (such as: https://www.starblogging.com/domain-name-kya-hai), which is also easy to understand by users, this will also increase the ranking of your website.

but ,

If you have website news website then you can also use post id with Post name, this will not match the link of your post with any other post.

what is parmalinks


Best Parmalink for SEO:  According to Google, it is easy to understand link users who have the same link.

The link that is used today is the post name. In this parmalink, you must select Post Name only.


If you want to show a category in parmalink, select the custom structure and select /% category% /% postname% / in the field.

I advise you to select Post Name.

Then click on Save Changes.

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